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David Icke's "Children of the Matrix".


An introduction by David Icke.

(Note: This introduction was written for David Icke's own website.
We find it an appropriate introduction to our website as well, which is why we are posting it here.)

Welcome to the David Icke website. I am a former journalist and television presenter from England who has spent the last ten years uncovering the biggest secret - who really controls the world and has done so for thousands of years.

I have written ten books, including "The Biggest Secret", "...and the truth shall set you free", and "I Am Me, I Am Free.". Bridge of Love Publications, my publisher, has also produced several videos including "Freedom Road", "Turning of the Tide", "Revelations of a Mother Goddess", and "The Reptilian Agenda."

I reveal how a global secret society called the Illuminati (the "Illuminated Ones" as they call themselves) have been holding the reigns of power in the world since ancient times, expanding their power out of the Middle and Near East (and other centres) to control first Europe and then, thanks to the British Empire and other European empires, to take over in the Americas, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and elsewhere.

When those empires appeared to withdraw from these regions, the Illuminati left behind the secret society networks and the Illuminati bloodlines and these have continued to control and orchestrate events ever since. There are two type of prisons or dictatorships. There is the overt variety, which are clear dictatorships (communism, fascism, etc) and then there are the most effective variety of all - the covert dictatorship, the one that masquerades as freedom.

People do not rebel against not being free when they think they are!

The Illuminati have been working to a long planned and coordinated agenda to create a world government, central bank, army, and a micro-chipped population linked to a global computer. Anyone with an operational brain can see that all these things are now emerging ever more rapidly.

Under this edifice of global power are designed to be super states like the European Union (evolved out of the EEC free trade area), the American Union (to be evolved out of the NAFTA free trade area), and the Pacific Union (to be evolved out of the APEC free trade area). NATO (merging with the UN peacekeeping operation) is planned to be the world army, the world police force, to keep countries in line who do not wish to concede their sovereignty to the Illuminati world government, which is planned to evolve through the United Nations.

The structure of global control is pyramids inside pyramids. Very much like Russian dolls, one doll inside another. If you look at any organisation today you will see that it is structured as a pyramid. Those lower down the pyramid have no idea what the organisation they work for is really about. They just do their own job and go home every day. They don't know how what they do connects with other people's contribution to create a very obvious and sinister pattern and direction. Only the very few at the top know that. In this way the few can manipulate thousands in an organisation to advance an agenda that those thousands do not even know exists. There is a global version of this which manipulates billions in the same way.

These "individual" organisations, be they banks, trans-national corporations, media empires, NATO, etc., then fit into even bigger pyramids. So you find, for example, that at the peak of the global banking pyramid all the banks are ultimately controlled by the same people - the Illuminati. Same with the transnational corporations, the media, and so on. There is a global pyramid which encompasses the pyramids of banking, business, media, military, politics, and the other institutions that run the planet. At the peak of this pyramid you find the elite of the Illuminati who orchestrate their agenda for global control through all their, apparently unconnected, organisations.

This is why there has been an incessant move to centralisation of global power in all areas of our lives, banking, business, media, politics, whatever. It is orchestrated by the SAME people in accordance with the SAME agenda. You will find a stream of articles on this site that will give you detailed background to this agenda and there is endless information in my books which you can order from this website.

The Illuminati manipulate humanity through the mind and emotions. There are too many people and too few Illuminati to control people physically, except on a small scale. They have to manipulate the way the masses think and feel, so we live our lives and see the world in the way the Illuminati want us to. For instance, the most powerful of the manipulation techniques is one I call Problem-Reaction-Solution. It works like this:

You want to introduce something you know the people won't like.This may be more power to the police, a further erosion of basic freedoms, even a war. You know that if you offer these policies openly the people will react against them. So you first create a PROBLEM, a rising crime rate, more violence, a terrorist bomb, a government collapse, or you get one of your Illuminati puppets like Saddam Hussein to go to war.

You make sure someone else is blamed for this problem and not you, the real people behind it all. So you create a "patsy", as they call them in America, a Timothy McVeigh or a Lee Harvey Oswald. You then use your media to tell people what they should think about your manufactured event and who they should blame for it. This brings us to stage two, the REACTION from the people - "This can't go on what are THEY going to do about it?"

This allows THEY to then openly offer the SOLUTION to the problems they have created - new legislaation which advances their agenda of centralisation of global power or the erosion of more basic freedoms. This technique is being used all the time on the human mind and emotions, not least with the stream of mind-contolled youngsters and adults who go crazy with guns around the world and immediately prompt gun control laws.

I say this as someone who does not have guns and believes passionately in non-violence. But if we are going to be street-wise we need to look beyond our own beliefs and realise that the Illuminati is seeking to systematically disarm those who WOULD use weapons against them. Just before Adolf Hitler began to fill the concentration camps he introduced the same anti-gun legislation which we are seeing today all over the world.

We are now at a crucial time in this agenda's history. So many cards are waiting to be played by the Illuminati in the next 12 months. We are at a crossroads in human history. We can choose freedom or fall under the control of a global fascist state, a global version of Nazi Germany.

This does not have to happen, but to stop it a lot of arses need to be removed from a lot of chairs. This website and the books will give you the detailed background from which informed choices can be made.

What you have read here is a mere fraction of what there is to know and the picture is far bigger and more extraordinary than this brief outline has been able to detail. Look elsewhere on this site or in my books and you will see what I mean!

Welcome once again.

Hope you enjoy your stay.


David Icke

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"The Biggest Secret", David Icke's book that was the inspiration for the name of this website and forum:

New World Order, Conspiracy, UFOs


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