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16 reasons - why everyone should be concerned about the Bilderbergers

By Tony Gosling

Tony Gosling

Secret clubs of the rich and powerful are bound to arouse suspicion, particularly when the evidence suggests those in power are using it against the public interest. So why should those who investigate the Bilderberg, a secretive club for the world’s most rich and powerful, be labelled as Nazi collaborators?

The argument used to discourage investigation by the left is a powerful one: By doubting Bilderberg’s own story, that they are a harmless talking shop one is aligning onesself with extreme right-wing fascists such as those at the racist Spotlight magazine in the U.S. Also with a ‘loony fringe’ of those like Nexus magazine or author David Icke that talk seriously of UFO’s preparing to invade the Earth and members of the Royal Family ‘shape shifting’ into lizards.

So that’s it. Right-wing Fascists and hunters of the Lizard Men are critics of the Bilderberg Club therefore all critics must be dangerous Nazis, nutters or both.

One look at Spotlight and it’s clear some kind of racism permeates its agenda, even if it is to balance what they see as the imbalance in the mainstream. Spotlight has an uncomfotable hypocrisy: on the one hand arguing that the white elite are running roughshod over democratic institutions and on the other targeting black people who vent their wrath on whites. From a ‘leftist’ perspective not the sort of journalists one would expect to be balanced.

Lycanthropy aside, David Icke has linked Bilderberg to an anti-Jewish document banned in several countries. ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’ is thought by many to be a forgery. This links him in closely with the ‘extreme right’.

With such fellow travellers most people and journalists, if they value their reputation and career, will back off. So why persue the Bilderbergers?


In fact there are some very good reasons why the Bilderbergers should be vehemently persued and investigated. References to all information can be found on this website

1) There are far more respectable sources that criticise Bilderberg eg. Holly Sklar, The Big Issue, European Green Party, Lobster magazine etc.

2) The argument being extended is one of ‘contamination’ or guilt by association. No-one is right about everything, the contamination argument makes a basic wrong assumption that people are either correct and trustworthy and wrong and sloppy. Since we are all somewhere in-between this is patent nonsense.

3) Jim Tucker, Spotlight’s Bilderberg watcher, has gathered secret information from Bilderberg conferences which has subsequently proved accurate.

4) The Bilderbergers themselves have a greater claim to being Nazis, they were started by an ex-member of the SS.

5) British Prime Minister Tony Blair has gone to extreme lengths to cover up his attendance at Bilderberg after initially having entered his trip in the register of members’ interests. Even to the extent of lying in the House of Commons (in reply to two separate written questions).

6) Criticising the excesses of banks and big business, including the corporate media is one area where left and right are broadly allied. Left and right wing are not simply opposite ends of the political spectrum but groupings around two different priorities both with possibly erroneous assumptions.

7) Links with anti-Jewish groups are tenuous at best. The most incisive criticism of Bilderberg is on their abuse of power. A legitimate criticism of anyone, Jewish or not.

8) Anyone or group of people with control of wealth or other form of power that could be described as ‘vast’ that then seeks deliberately to avoid public scrutiny should be regarded with a healthy suspicion.

9) Bilderbergers claim they are simply a ‘think tank’ yet they lie about who attends the meetings, leaving high-powered participants such as British Prime Minister Tony Blair off the attendance list. As they lie about such a fundamental thing aren’t we right to investigate further?

10) In a world ravaged by the excesses of Globalisation, what Vandana Shiva has called ‘The New Totalitarianism’ any forum which pretends this is the global ‘consensus’ must be regarded with suspicion. They must show themselves able to represent diverse views for that consensus to be valid.

11) Bilderberg prohibits all participants, often against their wishes, from commenting to the press. On one occasion the Greek finance minister was collared by a journalist while jogging at the conference, he finished his apology for not being able to reveal much with: " critical whatever you write."

12) National intelligence agencies organise security for these conferences. Why? This is surely not appropriate for a ‘private’ conference.

13) If the Bilderbergers have nothing to hide why do they label the participant lists ‘Not for Circulation’?

14) The bosses of most, if not all, the global news empires are at the conference yet they do not even inform their readers that the event is taking place. Why?

15) On the J18 discussion list, an email list for discussions around a day of action against global capitalism on June 18th 1999 an email was sent out saying critics of the Bilderberg are Nazis. This turned out to have many inaccurcies and to come from a fictional person from a fictional Russian organisation. Clearly deliberate disinformation.

16) Sloppy Journalism - Journalists steer clear of Bilderberg, either because they are told to or because hard information on them has been difficult to source.

17)............the list goes on.........

Source: Real-X-Files-Europa

Posted by: Starglider

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