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Please note that we don't necessarily agree with all that is mentioned in the files found in our archive. An article is only given because we think it offers information that will be useful, whether some of the information is correct or incorrect, or that we agree with it or not.

The Meier case: more conclusive "smoking gun" proof of deception.
For years the Meier case has fuelled much heated debate within the field of Ufology. Seeing some of the elements of this case, the question should be asked if the Meier hoax is merely a set-up by conmen without any scrupules, or in fact a kind of psy-op/disinfo operation to discredit the subject of UFOs in general, and/or to divert attention from more genuine cases. We consider it a very real possibility...

De Caponi Case.
In juli 1993 werd er door de Italiaanse luchtmacht een UFO neergeschoten. De ET die zich uit het wrak wist te redden werd gefotografeerd door Filiberto Caponi.

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